GIS Mapping

BioC GIS Mapping Services is designed to support early understanding of Indigenous geo-cultural spaces associated with project footprints. Our research and analysis of biodiversity and biocultural diversity interfaces, broadens cultural data to better inform decisions, social licences to operate,  compliance and beyond compliance deliverables.  

Supporting strengthening of planning, engagement, consultation and collaborative processes, and proposed avoidance, mitigation and management strategies from much richer pictures of the extent and integrity of cultural landscapes and relationships with ecologically sustainable development commitments. 

Natural and cultural landscapes are mirrored entities, and collaborative integration of economic, social and environmental considerations, application of the precautionary principle, pursuit of generational equity, and conservation of biological diversity and ecologoical integrity - carry very direct relevance to traditional owner rights, interests and responsibilities.

Forming and sustaining genuine and robust relationships with Indigenous peoples is underpinned by stronger integration of these elements into development considerations.

GIS LayersLocations of interest - treated as "living landscapes" with associated "living cultural knowledge", givinging traditional owner groups spatial tools to engage clients with a collaborative understanding of potential approaches toward free, prior informed consent mechanisms. 

Extractive industries' activities across whole-of-life of projects all benefit from a more informed visualisation of potential cultural impacts and opportunities from a biodiversity / biocultural diversity perspective. 

CAC Mapping 1Clearly defining "right people who speak for country", and minimising risk strategies through better understanding of consequences of incomplete knowledge. Simplifying territorial and social cohesion between development footprint and cultural landscape, and streamlining management and development descisions and activities, and potential savings across time and money. 

Using corporate and indigenous knowledge and spatial techniques to convey clarity on issues being grappled with. Engineering shared approaches and collaborative practical solutions to sustainable partnerships.

BioCultural Consulting is a leading edge company in establishing GIS mapping as an essential tool in understanding Indigenous impacts, risks and opportunities between all stakeholder interests.   




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