Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre

BioCultural Consulting (John Locke) is a member of Australia's first Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre - Indigenous Working Group, charged with establishing a tropical Indigenous-driven ethnobotany centre partnership to empower Indigenous peoples, country and cultural use of plants.

Development encompasses progressing the ongoing development of an Indigenous-driven ethnobotany centre in partnership with the Australian Tropical Herbarium, CSIRO, Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, James Cook University's Cairns Institute and other government departments and organisations.

The TIEC Indigenous Working Group do not act as representatives of their particular tribal or clan groups but are messengers / contacts to all Indigenous peoples. Also as strategic thinkers in relation to the institutional settings of the Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre and how it might best achieve its following objectives.

  • Develop an Indigenous-driven ethnobotany centre based on respect for Indigenous knowledge, law and culture
  • Protection of Indigenous Intellectual Property and recognition of Indigenous knowledge holders
  • Development of effective communication and engagment of Traditional Owners and TIEC partners and other organisations
  • Strengthening partnerships with Traditional Owners, TIEC partners and other organisations
  • Development and delivery of ethnobotanical projects to Indigenous communities in partnership with TIEC partners and other organisations
  • Help build capacity of Indigenous communities in sustainable economic development, education and employment
  • Build capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to develop individual and collective projects within their local communities
  • Develop TIEC Newsletters as required by the Indigenous Working Group and distribute to participating Indigenous peoples and stakeholders


Gerry-Turpin Ethnobotany 

Gerry Turpin (TIEC Aboriginal Ethnobotanist)

Functions and responsibilities include:

  • Advice on cultural and other issues relating to Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities
  • Strengthening partnerships between Traditional Owners, TIEC partners and other Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations
  • Assist development of funding opportunities for ethnobotanical projects
  • Develop and promote a Cultural Navigator role in each participating Traditional Owner group and Indigenous community