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About BioCultural Consulting 

BioCultural Consulting Pty Ltd, is an Indigenous-owned and Queensland based Cultural Consultancy, specialising in the delivery of cultural capability development, negotiation, Indigenous spatial identity and cultural mapping.

The purpose of the business is to contribute to the recognition, elevation and adoption of Indigenous cultural knowledge as a national asset. Our vision is to change the worldwide poor image of Indigenous peoples through creation of social, economic, cultural and commercial outcomes underpinned through Indigenous self-determination and social inclusion principles.

BioC uses a strategic process that sets customer expectations pro-actively and upfront; and builds individual project frameworks to assist in creating, developing and sustaining Indigenous partnerships across diverse business sectors. Importantly, supporting Indigenous peoples with their identified opportunities, and unlocking Indigenous intelligence and intellectual property potential to drive identification of value creation.


BioCs' management team, John Locke and Lynn Locke have over 50 combined years of management experience in the public sector, community organisations and hospitality, including project administration of government projects with budgets of up to $4.6million.We collaborate with a broad range of professional sub-consultants, adjusting the team composition as required. BioC Managements' cultural and intellectual knowledge and sensitivity has built extensive relationships and trust with over 250 traditional owner groups.

We have dedication to first peoples' primary substantive rights and its principal place in all matters of land use change. We use experience, skills and ability to link explicit and tacit knowledge into the planning, design, measuring and implementation of commercially oriented Indigenous strategies and engagement activities.

BioC integrate their values to act with integrity; seek to understand; have the confidence to challenge; innovate and provide leadership and teamwork in all business activities.


BioC is one of the few organisations taking strategic and commercial approaches to Indigenous engagement, and the only Indigenous consulting firm to combine the following elements to create visual understandings (maps) of the primary substantive rights associated with Indigenous landscapes, governance structures and decision-making processes.

  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Indigenous Customary Laws and Practices
  • Biodiversity and Biocultural diversity principles
  • Indigenous Spatial Visualisation

Within a short time frame, we assist non-Indigenous clients to better understand cultural structure and dynamic - critical to their business strategies. Enabling improvement in consultation strategies, efficient flow and processing of information, collaborative problem-solving arrangements, negotiated outcomes, and risk reduction (and expense) of disengagement.

Methodology:        Muyubarra Galgar ("new/strange - old")

BioCultural's proprietary Muyubarra Galgar methodology - is a proven Indigenous driven approach, requiring specialist-consulting expertise in understanding deep cultural meaning, cultural negotiation, cultural capability functions and indigenous innovation.

Muyubarra Galgar methodology's development of Indigenous Spatial Identity maps, unpack and define related cultural boundaries and biocultural diversity elements central to Indigenous peoples rights and interests at any particular landscape scale.

BioC has developed this methodology to assess, design and progress partnerships and projects across natural and cultural resource interfaces, and for collaborative gains encompassing social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes between Indigenous peoples, government, industry and non-government organisations.

The Muyubarra Galgar methodology (MG Methodology) has international applicability - it can be applied to any Indigenous culture in any international country - as long as there are qualified and culturally sensitive consultants from that country delivering the program.