Governance structure

 Pubic Sector 

BioCultural Consulting offers broad capability, expertise and experience in Indigenous Partnerships with public sector clients.  We are commited to collaboratively designing sustainable solutions to Indigenous related policy development, program and project execution and sector cultural capability development.

Design, development and implementation of sustainable service models is through clarity on causal impact identification. Building stronger foundations linking Government objectives and outcomes with those of Indigenous peoples and communities.

Redirecting relevant resources to achieve culturally appropriate policies, systems, processes and data that  can be used for any land use, development or service delivery action.

Biocultural consulting model can address critical issues such as:

  • incorporating active participation of right decision-makers in earliest stages of problem solving
  • consultation design that includes "primary substantive rights" and ultimate collaborative analysis and solutions
  • engaging proper cultural decision-making structures to sustain effort and outcomes for project whole-of-life
  • fragmented inter-departmental and intra-departmental planning and lack of holistic responses
  • inadequate cultural capabilities and inaccurate assumptions about groups and/or communities
  • understanding complex governance structures, internal protocols and procedures