Primary Substantive Rights 

Understanding Indigenous peoples' primary substantive rights is one of the most singularly important actions that Government, Extractive Industries, and Corporate Australia must mesh into the screening and scoping  studies of their developments and projects. Biocultural Consulting can provide services that include this element in policies and procedures across all business activities.


Indigenous peoples and their communities are not just stakeholders whose views may or may not be considered. They are rights- holders and have the right to be involved in decisions affecting them, their territories or cultural resources. Governments and other external actors have a legal duty to ensure that those rights are realised. 


Indigenous peoples and local communities are exploring new ways to secure their ways of life, territories and cultural resources and values, both proactively and defensively.


Community protocols proactively clarify their values, priorities, rights, and responsibilities - calling upon others to either act in supportive ways or cease harmful practices.

  • Communities are enabled to take control over processes affecting their lives, rather than passive recipients of ready-made decisions
  • Seek recognition of procedural and substantive rights and responsibilities to prevent future harm

Without this essential data Indigenous partnerships and projects are automatically assigned a level of risk. BioC strategies and approaches are designed to achieve agreed outcomes and sustained relationships.

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