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BioCultural Consulting is highly skilled in supporting and developing innovation solutions to Indigenous related issues, partnerships, strategies, project and development interfaces.

Indigenous peoples can generate new ideas - harnessing their explicit and tacit knowledge in the ideas process. Innovation is critical in overcoming old strategies that still intersect and impact Indigenous peoples rights and interests, development and lives.  

At the Eidos National Public Policy Congress 2013 we delivered an "Indigenous Spatial Identities" presentation and engaged in exploring and articulating innovative ideas for public policy in Northern Australia. More importantly from BioC perspectives, those relevant to Indigenous peoples' social, economic, environmental and cultural dimensions and which achieve growth for them as traditional owner groups and Indigenous communities.

Entrenched cyclical patterns of Indigenous disadvantage requires creative solutions, and we are driven to:

  • harness indigenous ideas
  • increase indigenous capacity through new relevant information

In the innovation space - resources, infrastructure, culture and process are major elements. Understanding these in terms of cultural design to assist execution are vital in delivering innovative-driven social, economic, environmental and cultural transformation.




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