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The Significance Of Our Catfish Logo and Slogan

The Catfish image:
  • Significance - because of the range of familiar senses it has regarding - taste, smell, touch, hear, see – including additional senses like electro and pressure sensitivities.
  • These sense ranges have direct connectivity as to how Indigenous peoples are connected and attuned to everything within their specific cultural landscapes and surrounding environments.
  • Our business is about "Innovation" - BioC is not about doing old practice – searching for new ways of doing business and gaining outcomes for clients 
The BioCultural Consulting Slogan:

Complexity surrounds us all, in all areas of life, community and business. BioCultural Consulting recogises this, and use our indigenous culture and wealth of experience to assist us and others (clients and communities), in mitigating the results of these complexities.

  • "Cultural Capabilities" - We recognise and appreciate the rich and varied capabilities within indigenous communities. Often overlooked by some sections of society, perhaps because there is a lesser degree of cultural competency than there could be.
    • Part of our mission is to highlight these various capabilities, and to help foster them in a sensitive, appropriate, and productive manners
  • "In Complex Cultural Environments" - We have established a reputation for our ability to operate successfully in complex environments by collaborating closely with our clients, and building strong relationships with the communities where we operate.
    • We recognise that there are subtle, but significant differences, issues and approaches, within and between various indigenous communities. We seek not to change these, but to work within the boundaries of sensitive and acceptable relationships
The BioCultural Consulting Way:

These are just words on a page. It is true that words are powerful, and should be appropriate and considered, and while this is the case, our approach is to have hands and feet on land.

Words and talking are important, but they are empty platitudes without the committment to action as an enabler of change and progress.

BioCultural Consulting has that committment. 

We welcome your comments and can be contacted here, via our contact page on our website.