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As an Indigenous owned business, BioCultural Consulting specialises in the delivery of strong culturally capable developments and projects. Our involvement is underpinned by legislative and policy frameworks that articulate the rights and interests of Australia's first peoples and proper delivering of objectives and outcomes.

The central purpose of our business is to contribute to everlasting social, economic, cultural and commercial outcomes underpinned through Indigenous self-determination and social inclusion.

Our rights and interests approach takes the challenge of implementing the intent and spirit of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Closing the Gap as strategic business functions to merge in and across the work we do with Government, Extractive Industries, Corporate Australia and Indigenous Institutions.

All development and project interfaces are seen as a challenge - no matter how big or small - we strive to identify gaps and strenghten these with new processes or at a higher level - influence legislation and policy.

Indigenous peoples, traditional country, their knowledge and self-determining directions are cornerstones to the projects we involve ourselves in.