Progression requires implementing some form of change with motivated, knowledgeable and skilled partners committed to socially, environmentally and culturally responsible economic growth and the public and private policies to advance it.

Culturally appropriate progression of partnership approaches is underpinned by the understanding of the level of the Indigenous institution/s being partnered. A focus on pervading power inequalities and collaborative engineering of genuine power sharing arrangements are central to sustained participation and agreed outcomes.

It is commonly being recognised that risks associated with Indigenous rights and interests are part of the cost of doing business. Although Government needs to uphold their legal obligations to Indigenous Peoples, far more financial and reputational damage can be inflicted on companies where social obligations are ill-planned, delivered and managed.

BioCultural Consulting is focused on progression as its third important component in delivering lasting change for Indigenous peoples. Partnerships between Indigenous peoples and external partners who collaboratively emerge in relationships that last beyond a current development or project, and fuse into a space where potential opportunities are kept alive by flourishing corporate and cultural ties is the true essence of progression.