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BioC strengthens Indigenous and non-Indigenous capacity, simultaneously, to gain short, medium and long-term agreed outcomes in terms of the governance issues confronting many Indigenous groups, communities and organisations.

We employ collaborative partnering approaches in the design, development and implementation of tailored solutions to the building of governance skills and capacity to achieve change.

Understanding the theory and practical application of governance, corporate governance and good governance promotes well functioning communities. With much of this being driven and led by Indigenous peoples themselves.

Bioc's leading edge practices identify that the combining of both western and cultural governance processes are central to successful Indigenous organisations delivering successful place-based services and outcomes. Targeted investment using sunstantive equity approaches increases social, economic, environmental and cultural objectives and stronger self-determining Indigenous groups and communities. 

These strength-based approaches develop capacities that:

  • define role and responsibility distinctions between western and cultural accountabilities
  • build abilities to negotiate on equal terms
  • implement cultural decision-making structures and processes 
  • design specific free, prior informed consent protocols and procedures
  • develop strong documentation and monitoring of important information 
  • deliver transparent and equitable benefit-sharing arrangments