Our unique biocultural diversity approaches to business centres on Government, Industry and Corporate Australia needs for specific cultural capabilities and cultural methodologies in the Euro-Western development space. Compliance to native title, cultural heritage and Indigenous rights, currently carries unacceptable levels of risk for development in Australia and globally. This is primarily heightened due to a lack of harnessing Indigenous knowledge and cultural governance systems that underpin Aboriginal parties and relevant compliance needs in planning and implementation activities. 

GIS mapping as a core tool is utilised by BioC, to underpin the primary function of providing all available Indigenous data relevant to specific locations of interest. In a 2008 report on impacts of modern spatial information technologies on the Australian economy, found that "Spatial information is increasingly being used in most sectors of the economy where it is having a direct impact on productivity".  

Since 1994 BioC management have been highly involved with industry, government and Indigenous peoples in collaborative design, development and implementation of Indigenous GIS based systems. Using culturally relevant technologies, international and national instruments and frameworks, and processes to accelerate - the strengthening of partnerships, collaborative effort, sustainable outcomes, and broader social, economic, environmental and cultural objectives, outcomes and benefits.


Our specilaised approaches include:

  • Indigenous Spatial Identities (GIS)
  • Cultural Mapping
  • Biocultural Diversity Baselines
  • Cultural Governance
  • Innovation
  • Primary Substantive Rights
  • Lateral Violence Strategies
  • Closing the Gap "Building Blocks"
  • UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Articles

Our focus is on professional collaborations with partners, and

  • strengthening their cultural capabilities
  • using Indigenous research methodologies and monitoring and evaluation methods
  • culturally appropriate design and provision of much richer cultural data for any potential, current or future Indigenous partnerships

Indigenous GIS development approaches can have positive impact to both business systems and value creation for non-Indigenous and Indigenous clients.